Savvy Christmas Shopping!

12th December 2022

This Christmas is possibly going to be even more tricky than others when it comes to money. So we wanted to offer you some super savvy ways of saving money on your food shop. Feel free to send us any extra ideas you have too – we want to share this list with as many people as possible.
  • Write a list of things you need and try to stick to it! Planning ahead really helps and these little booklets from Food Safety Mum can really help!
  • Check cupboards before you go shopping to make sure you’ve only got what you really need on your list.
  • Meal plan – I know it’s not the most fun thing to do, but it really can help you stick to a budget and avoid you buying things you simply don’t need or will just throw away.
  • Try and give your fridge and freezer a bit of a clear out BEFORE a big shop, so you have plenty of space and really know what you have in your cupboards etc.
  • Visit the supermarket at the end of the day, when there is more likely to be foods on offer.
  • Use the “sale” aisle at the supermarket to pick up any last minute bargains. Remember that lots of foods that need using up quickly can still be made into meals and frozen or even frozen straight away and used at a later date e.g. pick up carrots and potatoes that need using up and chop and freeze the carrots in rounds or make the whole lot into a hearty soup and freeze in portions for another day.
  • Don’t overbuy - so easy to get carried away at the shops and get locked into BOGOF deals, but think if you REALLY need them.
  • Buy foods in season when they are at their lowest prices and also generally much more nutrient rich too!
  • You can stock up on in season foods such as berries, okra, sweet potato and then freeze it when home to make sure you’re making it last longer
When it comes to Christmas:
  • Try making foods at home such as stuffing, nut roasts, Yorkshires or sauces which can sometimes be cheaper and help you use up leftovers.
  • Buy a turkey crown rather than a whole turkey if you don’t need it all.
  • Make soups and sandwiches the next day and use up the Christmas leftovers. Turkey carcass can be made into a bone broth and added to your soup!
  • Avoid going mad and buying all the extra things you really don’t need. There is always more than enough to eat on Christmas day!
  • Don’t bring it all out at once, lots of things can wait and can be cooked fairly quickly IF you need more.
  • Do a BYO Christmas and get everyone involved in bringing a dish.
  • Avoid buying things no one likes “just because” it’s Christmas. If no one eats the sprouts or everyone hates parsnips, leave them off the menu.

I hope these are helpful... and thank you for sharing your ideas with us on Instagram! Here are some of your fantastic suggestions:

♥ Planning! Looking ahead to what you need and when, and utilising the freezer to stock up for the unexpected.
♥ Freeze child sized portions of favourite meals. Easy go to if the little one doesn't want the festive food!
♥ Cheaper alternatives and supermarket own brands!
♥ Get as much reduced stuff in the freezer in the weeks leading up to Xmas as possible x
♥ Don’t overbuy! Shops remain open. Less money and less stress.
♥ Turkey curry! With cooked potatoes added and any other leftover veg. Throw it all in and enjoy.
♥  Turning leftovers into casseroles using the slow cooker so we don’t need to buy as much on the food shop.


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