Halloween Half Term Ideas!

25th October 2022

Halloween is becoming every more popular, with so many more occasions for dressing up, parties, decorations and trick or treating! It’s a lovely thing to do with little ones, if you all enjoy it. Often occasions are very centered around sweet foods – cakes, chocolates and biscuits – for example. However, if any of you are looking for some fun activities that don’t revolve around these types of foods, we’ve got you covered. We’re not saying there is anything wrong with offering these to your children, just offering an alternative way to enjoy Halloween with your minis!
  • Go pumpkin picking or even apple picking if you know of any good apple trees.

This has become a bit of a tradition in the UK, and it can be so nice to get our little ones dressed up (or wrapped up!) and show them where pumpkins come from! Get them to pick their own.

  •  Scavenger Hunt

Whilst you’re out, get them to do some spooky or even autumnal scavenger hunts by giving them a list of items to find and bring back in a little bag.

  •  Autumnal walks

Being outside in the fresh air and getting active is such a great thing to do, but it can also be some fun bonding time for you and your little ones too. You can always take a tick list to check off things you see or play eye spy on the way too.

  •  Collect Leaves

Have a competition to see who can collect the most beautiful autumnal leaves. Some of them are wonderful to look at. Bring them home and…

  • Make a Halloween display

Make a Spooky Halloween display using your scavenger items and your beautiful new leaves. Pop your pumpkin in the middle of the display (if you have one) ready for carving.

  • Use fruit and veg to cut out stamps and paint

Use pumpkins or potatoes to cut out shapes and turn them into stamps so you can add to your display or make some Halloween cards for the family.

  • Paint apples

You can also paint apples orange and add on some eyes to turn them into mini pumpkins for Halloween, you just need some good orange paint!

  • Apple Bobbing

Apple bobbing is always a great little game that‘s perfect for this time of year. Have some friends round and get dressed up and have a little game of Apple Bobbing.  You can also do games such as pin the spider on the web or get them to help with carving your pumpkin.

  • Pumpkin carving

Carve your pumpkins and make a spooky display outside of your house. Don’t forget to include some of your leaves, paintings and your mini apple pumpkins too!

  •  Make some Halloween Biscuits and do some baking

I have lots of recipes that are lower in sugar and/or use pumpkins as the ingredients. It can be so fun to make cakes and recipes with little one. It takes a little extra work and effort, but they’ll be so proud with what they’ve made.

  •  Dress up time

Most kids love a fancy dress outfit. Why not try making your own too? With cardboard, toilet rolls – you name it!

  •  Tell scary stories

Always a fun thing to do. Get dressed up and sit around with your Halloween decorations and tell some spooky stories under torch light with your little ones…just avoid anything too spooky so you can all still get a good night’s sleep!


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