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12th July 2022

As we slowly emerge from the lockdowns of the past 2 years we are so happy to be able to start seeing clients again! Dawn’s Rainbow Pizza Classes have been in hot demand and it has been lovely to see some of our clients face to face. We are keen to catch up on reviews that were missed during this time, and aim to make sure that all of our clients receive their review shortly.

To help us make sure that everyone is contacted as soon as possible, Alastair and Dawn have been joined  by Louise Wadey, expanding our Client Relations team. Louise will already be a familiar voice to many of our nurseries, as she has been working in the Client Services team, helping nurseries with queries, since Summer 2021. Prior to that she has worked in our admin, transport and kitchen departments, so she really is an expert on all things Zebedees!

Understanding how our service is working for nurseries is really important to us, and our client reviews really help us to gage the areas in which we are performing well and also where we need to improve. To ensure that all of our clients regularly have the opportunity to give us this important feedback, we will be carrying out bi-annual reviews. These will include one ‘virtual’ review and one ‘in-person’ review.

Virtual reviews

You will receive an email from us with a short Insight6 survey attached. We will ask you to complete the survey, following which you will receive either a telephone call or further email from us to arrange a convenient time to run through your answers.

In-person review

We will call or email you to arrange a convenient time for your Client Relations Manager to visit your setting. This gives us the opportunity to see how you work and chat through any queries or issues that you may have and find solutions.

These reviews really will help us to make sure you are getting everything you want from our service.

Thank you also for taking the time to complete our most recent Menu Feedback survey on our current Spring/Summer Menu. It has been so positive, we have absolutely loved it! The Insight6 system has made it so much easier for us to analyse your responses and make sure that the most widespread comments are taken into account on future menus. Our next newsletter will speak in more detail about how we have incorporated your latest suggestions into our new Autumn/Winter Menu which is currently under development.

 Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

The Client Relations Team

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