Toddler Travel Tips

18th May 2022

Easy foods for travelling with kids

Travelling with kids is stressful as it is, without having to think about what to feed them. However, when you’re travelling, whether by plane, train or car, you ideally want to bring along food that is:

  • Non messy
  • Portable
  • Non squashable
  • Doesn’t need to be in the fridge
  • Familiar
  • Without nuts (for plane journeys)

It can be difficult to think outside of the box with this as, on top of all of the packing, you really don’t want to have to spend your time making multiple packs of food for the kids.

In this blog, I want to share my top tips for what equipment and foods I’ve found to be the most helpful when feeding kids on the go!

Equipment for feeding kids whilst out and about

A few of my favourite bits of equipment to take along with me include:

  • Wet wipes or CheekyWipes and water for cleaning up hands and faces!
  • A spare bag for anything to be thrown away/any mess
  • Napkins/forks, if needed
  • Mini pots and snack zipper bags
  • Antibac gel or wipes for pre-eating cleaning
  • Bibs to avoid clothes getting messy as soon as you leave the house!
  • Water bottles
  • Coolbag/ice packs, if needed
Ideal foods for kids when travelling

And, some of my favourite foods for feeding kids whilst on the go are:

  • Mini muffins – like my Porridge Muffins, or Spinach and Cheese muffins, from my book How to Wean Your Baby. These work a treat on the go and are perfect for adults too!
  • Flapjacks
  • Energy Balls
  • Dried cereals – e.g. Cheerios
  • Pot of peas (use a snack catcher cup, like these ones to prevent them going everywhere)
  • Cheese (wrapped up or in wax for freshness)
  • Hard-boiled egg (needs to be kept cool)
  • Apples and satsumas
  • Plain pancakes (may need to be kept cool)
  • Sandwiches with marmite or cream cheese (the cream cheese will need to be kept cool)
  • Smoothies in a canister
  • Oatcakes/crackers with spread
  • Pesto pasta in a canister/food jar
  • Overnight oats (may need to be kept cool)

Baby crisps, pouches and snacks are all also fine and easy to take along too. If you’re not able to prep any foods in advance, they will make your life much easier!

A final, important thing to bear in mind when travelling with toddlers is to always pack EXTRAS. The last thing you need in the case of delays is a hungry toddler, so pack more than you think you’ll need, just in case!

Hopefully these tips will help to make feeding your little ones whilst travelling one less thing you need to worry about!

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