1st December 2021

Serves 12


  • 200g butter unsalted
  • 50g syrup
  • 200g dark chocolate
  • 200g milk chocolate
  • 200 g of broken digestive biscuits
  • 300grams mixed dried fruit (cranberries, sultanas and raisins)
  • 100g mini Marshmallows


Step 1 = Melt in a saucepan the butter and syrup on a medium heat and then add your chocolate and stir slowly until a smooth texture with no lumps

Step 2 = Turn the heat down and fold in the dried fruit

Step 3 = Add the broken digestives and half of the marshmallows

Step 4 = Pour into a 15 x 15 cm grease proofed lined baking tray and then add the rest of marshmallows on top and gently press them in

Step 5 = Chill for a few hours in a fridge, then take out and cut into 12 pieces

Step 6 = ENJOY!

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