What's New on Teas?

22nd September 2021

Just like our Autumn/Winter 21-22 lunch menu, our Cold Afternoon Tea menu has also been subject to a revamp!

As part of our commitment to reducing sugar across our menus we have remodelled our cold teas to consist of a larger main savoury dish and two sides, one of which will be fruit based. Item 4, which was a dessert item, has been removed. Although we will be sending three items instead of four, the increase in portion size will mean that each child will be receiving the same quantity of food as previously. The new model also enables us to reduce on disposable packaging.

Our cold afternoon teas are designed to be served together on the plate, as a complete meal. We believe that by serving sweeter tasting foods, such as fruit and yoghurt, alongside more savoury items children learn that all foods are equal and second courses do not become the prize or reward that comes after the savoury foods. As our cold afternoon tea items are predominantly finger foods, serving them together is simple to do, encourages self-feeding  and cuts down on washing up too!

Our Executive Chef, Brendan has also been working hard to broaden our range of gluten and dairy free items, making the allergen free alternatives for these children more similar to those products on our standard tea menu.

With the cold weather coming, many of our nurseries choose to order our hot tea menu at this time of year. Our hot teas arrive chilled and just require popping in the oven or microwave for heating up. They come in recyclable packaging with full heating instructions attached. Like our lunches, these are a more substantial meal and include a second course. We have added an amazing seven delicious new dishes to our hot tea menu this Autumn including a chicken pasta bake, a cheesy macaroni and vegetable bake, jacket potato with beef chilli and grated cheese and a fruity vegetable curry served with white rice.

If your nursery does not currently order teas from Zebedees, take a look at our current menus here. Both our cold and hot afternoon teas are zero-rated for VAT, making them great value for money.

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