Working with The Baby & Child Nutritionist for healthier food in nurseries

10th June 2021

Zebedees are working with The Baby & Child Nutritionist – Charlotte Stirling-Reed, founder of hugely successful consultancy practice, SR Nutrition, to raise awareness of the importance of good nursery food for babies and toddlers.

Children in full-time childcare can receive up to 90% of their daily food intake at nursery, so it is vitally important that children are offered balanced meals throughout the day when they are attending their childcare setting.

We have always promoted nutrition for children within nurseries and it is widely recognised that developing healthy eating habits in the Early Years is crucial, impacting on growth, development, behaviour and academic performance later in life. Developing a love for a wide range of foods in the early years sets the foundations for a balanced diet in adulthood. Yet, current guidance often falls short of parent expectations, particularly when it comes to desserts. We really want to help nurseries go above and beyond the current requirements and know that Charlotte is exactly the right person to help us do this.

Our lunch and tea menus meet current Government Guidance for menus for Early Years Settings in the UK, meaning the children we cater for attending full-time childcare are receiving a nutritionally balanced diet throughout the week. However, we are now pushing boundaries and taking our menus a step further. Charlotte will be supporting Zebedees in our future menu development, including reviewing our pudding policy, as well as providing information and support to nurseries and parents through regular posts on this blog and our social media. This will include live Q&A sessions and feeding clinics. Together, we will also be campaigning for healthier food within all nurseries throughout the UK.

Charlotte is a Registered Nutritionist and started her career working for the NHS where she trained alongside a Nutrition and Dietetic team in Maternal, Infant and Child Nutrition, which included working with nurseries and after school clubs. Since this time Charlotte has held many roles – working with local authorities, brands and celebrities.  Throughout her varied career, Charlotte has always continued to work with children and families, supporting them with raising little foodies and helping them to confidently feed their children.  

Charlotte recently supported Joe Wicks on his Wean in 15 book and campaign, and Charlotte is now also a bestselling author with her own book How to Wean Your Baby.  She is also working with leading children’s food brand, Little Dish, whose meals we are featuring on our Spring/Summer menu for 2021. For more on our work with Little Dish click here.

Charlotte is very excited to be working with Zebedees and says, “I’ve always wanted to team up with a nursery meal provider as I feel that I can be a helpful influence on what is going onto hundreds of little ones’ plates this way. I’m so pleased to be on board working with the team at Zebedees. I think they do a fantastic job as it is and I’m excited to get stuck in with Zebedees, supporting their menus and raising awareness of the importance of nursery food for young children. Watch this space for lots of exciting work that will hopefully help us change the status quo when it comes to nursery food provision!” 

For further information on Charlotte’s consultancy services, plus resources on baby and child nutrition visit

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