Zebedee's uses a range of suppliers for many different products. As a company we work closely with our suppliers to ensure that we receive excellent quality fresh ingredients and services at a price that is fair to both parties.

We procure our meat products from various sources, all of whom are approved and have full traceability of their product. We buy our lamb and beef from sustainable markets as locally as possible. Our sausages are produced by a local Kent based supplier who makes the sausages to our specification of very low salt. We are continually building relationships with local farms so that in the future they can supply our meat products through a local abattoir, cutting down food miles and sustaining the local economy.

We use a range of dairy farms, including one that produces us our own full fat and low fat yoghurts, and our individual yoghurts for teas, another that produces our ice cream and frozen yoghurt in custom size packaging and another that provides our milk and bread. All three of these companies have UK approval.

Our fish comes from another UK approved supplier that is totally committed to sustainable sourcing from well managed fisheries.

We use various bakeries for our bread produce, who are all working hard to produce lower salt products for us to use.

Dry Goods are purchased from many different sources. We even have our pasta imported from Italy, especially for our clients' children to enjoy.


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