Here at Zebedee's we are keen to reduce our waste and recycle wherever possible. We have many recycling projects currently running and use the motto:

Refuse: Reuse, Reduce & Recycle

Green waste

We divert over 50 tonnes of waste annually from landfill to an In-Vessel Composting Facility, where it is converted into high quality compost.

Cardboard Waste

We divert over 20 tonnes of waste cardboard packaging annually from landfill to a cardboard pulping company that then recycle the pulp.

Metal Waste

We divert over 16 tonnes of waste metal annually from landfill to metal recycling companies.

Paper Waste

Our office paper is reused and then recycled through various paper recycling schemes.

Water Waste

We have a water treatment plant that processes our waste water and returns it clean into the water course, reducing the load on regional water treatment plants.

We also recycle old computers, mobile phones, printer cartridges, fluorescent tubes, wooden pallets, and unwanted equipment.

It is our commitment to continue carrying out these procedures for the future of our planet and generations to come.


We are currently working towards our Silver Certificate under the Steps to Environmental Management Scheme (STEM), demonstrating our ongoing commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.

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