Healthy Nutritious Food

Our speciality is supplying hot, delicious and nutritious meals for nursery and school children. All of our dishes are freshly prepared on the day of delivery and contain only high quality, fresh ingredients. We ensure that all of our menus provide the essential food groups and meet the dietary needs of growing children. Our menus include plenty of fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and organic pulses. All of our food is baked, braised, steamed or boiled and we do not serve any deep fried items. We use low salt products wherever possible. We also work very closely with local suppliers.

Our menus are designed with health in mind, however, we are also committed to cultivating enjoyment of a variety of tastes in young people, which contributes to a balanced diet in later life. As well as traditional fare, our menus include more inventive dishes, created by our chefs to introduce new flavours to the children that we cater for. Our 'Around the World' theme day, which features every 3 weeks on our menu, presents authentic dishes from around the world and can be used as a tool for teaching children about different cuisines and cultures.

We work closely with Sarah Almond, a Paediatric Dietitian, when designing our menus and all of our dishes are analysed using specialist software, to ensure they meet the specific nutritional needs of each age group. Our menus conform to the Caroline Walker Trust's Under 5's guidelines and standards set out by the Children’s Food Trust and the Department for Education. Our menus are also approved by a Local Council and comply with current Government guidelines.

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Healthy Nutritious Food

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All of our dishes are freshly prepared on the day of delivery.

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