Green Policy

Green Policy

At Zebedee's we strongly believe that we all need to consider and address our impact on the world in which we live. Our goal is simple: To achieve continuous environmental improvement across all areas of our business. We comply with relevant environmental legislation and as a company we are continually evaluating methods that will help us reduce and improve our impact on the environment.

What have we achieved so far?

Reduced water & energy consumption

This is achieved by company investment in energy efficient equipment. This machinery runs with lower water and energy consumption. We have introduced staff procedures such as switching off lights when not required. We have also installed a water treatment plant that treats our waste water before returning it into the environment as clean water.

Reduced waste to land fill

We use many methods including diverting over 50 tonnes of food waste, 10 tonnes of cardboard, 8 tonnes of metal waste and half ton of paper from land fill each year.

Reduced CO2 emissions

Updating and replacing our transport fleet to a newer, more fuel efficient and lower emissions vehicle range.

Reduced food and goods miles

We have increased our use of seasonal and locally grown or reared products.

Reduced staff miles

Encouraging staff vehicle sharing to and from work and employing local people. We have fitted staff vehicles with additional seating to further cut down on the number of vehicles used by staff to travel to work.

Reduced paper trail

Efficient use of emails instead of letters, and bill payments made over the internet. Most of our company information is available on our website.

Online ordering

We have developed an online ordering system to cut down on the number of orders sent by fax or with drivers.

What we are striving towards

  • Further reductions to land fill.
  • Further reductions in water and energy consumption.
  • Increasing the volume of biodegradable and compostable disposables.
  • Working together with other like minded green companies on reducing packaging and deliveries.
  • Installation of solar panels for reduced heating bills.
  • Replacing some of our delivery fleet to electric vehicles.
  • Setting up an E-billing system.
Green Policy

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